17 February 2011

Lessons in a Snow Tube

Have you ever learned something about yourself at a time when you least expected it?

That's what happened to me last Friday. We went snow tubing as a family. Simms and Jeter have gone in the past but this was going to be a new experience for Barber and me.

I went sledding when I was younger...and loved it. But let's face it, I was a teenager without a care in the world and a Long Island attitude that took on just about anything and everything. We'd go sledding at the local golf courses and I'd look for the iciest hill and even aim for the built jumps. And this was using the old fashioned wooden sleds when you were flat out on your stomach and came at everything head first and steering the sled as you went along. One time I flew so high when I came down my chin hit my sled. It hurt but I still came up with a huge smile on my face.

That's part of my past and I'm not a teenager anymore. Not only that...I'm a mom. I still love roller coasters and the thrill that they bring but those are a bit more predictable than sitting in a tube and going down a hill.

So what does a Momma like me do? I pray. Yup. I prayed for safety and protection and that we would have a lot of fun as a family and make some great memories.

We first went down as a family - all four of us. That was fast and fun and the smiles were bursting from our faces and giggles overflowing.

Then we went down in pairs. Simms took Barber and I went with Jeter. The smiles, giggles and squeals of joy continued until Jeter and I went in lane #5. I'm going to guess we were about half way down when his tube started to go up the bank of the lane. And there I am, his Mom, holding onto a handle of his tube, sliding down a hill of ice and there is nothing physical (that I know of anyway) that I can do. I know it all happened in a matter of seconds but in my mind, it plays in slow motion...his tube kept going up the bank and when it was about halfway I hear myself cry out "Jesus!" and just like that, his tube righted itself and we continued spinning down to the bottom.

Jeter thought that was the best run ever! Seriously?!? I'm thinking 'you almost flipped over crazy boy'! And then I remember that he is my son - a nine year old who is simply enjoying the ride of his life.

I also realized something about myself. In those crazy seconds, I definitely felt concerned and realized my limitations but dread did not come over me. I was not paralyzed by fear but rather cried out - almost instinctively - to the One who is capable of altering my circumstances in mere seconds.

I've learned a lot on this journey...some of which has yet to be realized...but one thing is certain, I'm enjoying the glimpses into what the Father is doing.

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momneverstops said...

Great story! It amazes me as a mom how many times I think "Jesus help him..."
I am so happy we have a God who hears and loves us!