18 April 2011

Campbell Crew

The Campbell Corner was started in 2006.  I've journaled for decades but this was the first time that I did it on-line and allowed others to view (and even comment) on my entries.  It was initially intended to allow family and friends that didn't live near us to stay updated on what was going on in our corner.

Surprisingly, more than just family and close friends began to read and comment.  Eventually the blog evolved to one where everyday life was documented - the ups, the downs, the tears, the prayers, the various journey's and seasons, victories and even struggles. It gave voice to a Momma who was new to staying at home with her kiddos and navigating through lots of "new-to-me" experiences - sometimes more than I ever would have wished for.

The Campbell Corner is treasured by me.  It's a window into part of my heart and holds lots of memories. 

So...why start Campbell Crew?  Simply put - my boys are not babies anymore and a corner is a bit too small for them.  Life has become way more bold and boisterous.  I could just do a complete overhaul of this corner - update the look and feel of the blog so that it is more fitting to our current life.  But I don't want to.  I love this little blog and all that it represents.  It's still a part of my life and I desire to preserve it for what it is.    

Campbell Crew will still have the same real-down -to-earth tone.  That is just who I am and no matter what season of life I'm in...that will never change.

Many of you have joined me on my journey over the last five years.  Know that you are invited to continue to join me and my crew as we continue to learn how to live intentionally and balance life.  If you view me in a reader, then you will want to update your reader.  


nanette@momneverstops.com said...

This was my first time visiting your blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have enjoyed journaling for years as well. My husband encouraged me to start a blog - I did however, I have struggled in regards to what to write about sometimes especially when it comes to my personal life. However, today I am realizing that just being me in my blog is fine! So I have set up a shedule of what I want to put in my blog. I am excited to get going. Thanks for your indirect encouragement.

TCC said...

Thank you nanette. Love to hear about those that experience the freedom and empowerment to be who they are. :)